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“How To Speak Excellent English In 6 Months Or Less”

Dear Friend,
Do you feel embarrassed when you speak English? Is your pronunciation bad? Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak?
Do people have trouble understanding you? Do they seem confused when you speak English?
Is it difficult for you to understand native speakers? Do you feel frustrated because you still can’t understand English speakers easily?
You have studied English for years. You read English well, but when its time to speak– you feel nervous, foolish, embarrassed, and shy when speaking English.
Is it possible that you will never speak English well?
Are you angry that you studied for years but still cannot speak English easily?
What is wrong? Have you wasted all of your study time? Have you wasted all of your English vocabulary? Will you ever speak English easily?
Will you ever feel relaxed and happy when you speak English?
You don’t have to memorize anything
You don’t have to use boring grammar books
You don’t have to study awful vocabulary lists
What if you were not to blame? What if it was the old methods, old lessons, and old textbooks that caused your problems? What if you could speak excellent English- and finally succeed?
You can do it! It is possible for anyone to speak excellent English.
Now it is time to imagine a better future.

The Truth About Learning English

The truth is- if you continue to use the same learning methods- you will never speak English well. You will always have problems with your speaking.
However, there is a new way. When you use the right method, you improve easily. In fact, in six months you will have incredible speaking power– easily.
Native speakers will understand you easily. You will understand them. You will finally feel relaxed, happy, and confident when you speak English.
You need to change your learning method, and the first thing you must do is to forget English grammar!
“Your teaching is excellent! I’m very grateful to you. When I started, my speaking was not good. Now I speak English fluently. I never translate. I speak automatically, just like you said I would!”
Alain Andrade, France

Never Do This

Does English grammar make you feel sad, bored, and depressed? Are you worried that you will never truly use English grammar correctly?
What if I told you that grammar rules are not the key to speaking English easily, correctly, and automatically?
The best English learners are children, of course. Why?
In fact, its because they don’t study grammar and they don’t learn from textbooks. They use very specific methods and “rules” for learning.
I call these the 7 Rules of Effortless English, and you probably already know them from my email course.
What if you could learn excellent pronunciation, a large vocabulary, and automatic grammar– easily– would you be excited?
If I told you that English grammar is actually easy to learn when you use the correct system, would you feel happier about learning English?
Well, its true. English grammar is easy, but only if you learn it correctly. And the correct way is not studying grammar rules.
You must learn grammar intuitively. You must learn grammar subconsciously. You must learn grammar naturally.
You must learn grammar easily and effortlessly- just like children.
“If you want to become like a native speaker, you don’t need to learn when you are a child. You need to use the same methods as a child.”
Dr. J. Marvin Brown

How To Learn English Easily

I started Effortless English to help you Speak English Easily, and Fast. Imagine if I took the best ideas and the best research from the best experts in the world, and used them to create a totally new kind of English lesson- would that be exciting?
Well, that’s exactly what I did. Effortless English uses secrets that work– the newest ideas from the top English learning experts in the world.
The Effortless English system is totally new and different. It is completely different than the old study methods you used in the past.
You have never used lessons like these!

What you learn when you download the program:

  • The incredible way you Learn Vocabulary and Grammar Without Study: Listen & Answer Mini-Stories. Learn English automatically, with absolutely no “study” or memorizing.
  • The Deep Learning method that helps you use English automatically. Remember English words and grammar forever– and use them automatically. Feel great about your speaking ability.
  • The way you learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about interesting topics. Imagine thinking, smiling, and laughing while learning.
  • The way you avoid grammar study and instead learn grammar like children– naturally. This is it, the main method of all my lessons.
  • How my best students learn, how they study,– and how you can learn English faster too. To be successful, copy the most successful people. Learn how you can study like the best.
  • How you raise your iBT TOEFL speaking and listening scores 20%, 30%, or even 40%. The new TOEFL test requires a lot of listening and speaking- be fantastic at both!
  • Lessons that help you learn English 3-5X faster- learn much faster, simply by changing your learning method.
  • How you meet other English speakers and talk with them. Meet other friendly English learners just like you

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