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Introduction "Hue faculty of public health"

Faculty of public health is a member in Hue University college of Medicine and Pharmacy – Central - - Vietnam.
Faculty of public health was established since 2005 with the participation of two academic: Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology; medicine social
1. Organization
Dean: Dr Vo Van Thang
Vice Dean: A/Prof Nguyen Van Tap
Vice Dean: MD, MPH Hoang Thi Lien

Including 7 department: Epidemiology of department; health management of department (Health System Management, Health Economics, Health Policy and Law) Nutrition & Safety of department of department; Biostatistics - Reproductive Health - Demography of department; Environmental – Occupational of department; Health Education of department; Medicine family of department.
Recently, the faculty of pulic health has taken on a larger scale of activities and is now coordinating its efforts with almost all of the medical training institutions throughout the country and encouraging the active participation of alumni. Active cooperation programs have been carried out with some of the world’s leading public health institutions including Queensland Technology of University (Autralia) , Boston University (US), Netherlands, Switzerland , Thailand (Khon Kaen University - mahasarakham university) and others.
Together cooperation , in 5/2010 Hue Faculty of public health is going to build, The campus consists of a 4000 m2, five-story building with lecture halls and class rooms fully equipped with modern audio-visual facilities for interactive teaching and learning activities
2. Student
Since 2005, begin the first course and study in HueUniversity Branch at Quang Tri in Quang Tri Province
In 2008, The 1st and 2nd Course student moved from Quang Tri to Hue college of medicine & Pharmacy (Huế city) and continuous study. The 3rd Course study at school.
Until now, have 6 course. The first after graduate in 2009, 100% student was complete to do work. Such as: Health province, Preventive health Centre, …University, college and other place.
The first course (2005-2009): 52 members
The second course (2006-2010): 26 members
The third course (2007-2011): 58 members
The fourth course (2008 – 2012): 43 members
The fifth course (2009 – 2013): 58 members
The sixth course (2010 - 2014): 32 member
Since 2007, began training Medicine preventive of doctor student. (This time, there are 4 course and more 300 students.
Update:  Jua 2nd 2011

All object on blogger was created by PH student. 

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